New. Improved. Companies large and small develop or upgrade products every year. Change is easy. Innovation is rare. Innovative companies do more than improve a product; they create revolutionary, competitive advantages for their customers. They change the way a process has always been done, accelerate momentum and inspire others – sometimes entire industries – to imitate them. Innovation is about being ready to recognize an opportunity. It's the power behind possible.

Menasha Corporation and its companies share a history of innovation spanning more than 165 years. Once a modest, Wisconsin pail factory, we've blazed new trails in packaging, logistics and marketing to reshape American manufacturing while making life better for generations of families.

Menasha Corporation's culture of innovation supports the creative and talented employees at our business units. They work for their customers first, enabling great companies to differentiate themselves and prosper in an increasingly challenging global marketplace.

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Developed a patented display roller base with customized Pack ‘N’ Stack display that helped a leading producer of cereal and convenience foods improve its return-on-investment and rejuvenate breakfast food sales. (Menasha Packaging)

Implemented SmartTrak™, a proprietary asset tracking system that helped a global consumer packaging company obtain unprecedented supply chain visibility and ensure supply always meets demand. (ORBIS)