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Our people make it possible.

We would not be able to thrive, grow, and serve customers without the dedication and insight of our people.

Part of our commitment as a socially responsible company is ensuring that our employees are safe and feel included, have opportunities for growth, and are rewarded for their work. Our employee programs are ever evolving to stay relevant and engaging in a world where new needs shape our workforce and operations.

Menasha Corporation has cultivated a “culture of possibilities,” a spirit fueled by 175 years of family values and by a tireless desire to deliver value to customers. It’s evident every working day, whether interacting with one another, our customers or our stakeholders.

Pointing everyone in the right direction.

Our culture empowers people to be innovative and embrace change. We fully support efforts to strengthen connections within our company and with our customers and communities. This compass represents how we set our direction as a company.

“At Menasha Corporation, people are treated as people: people with families, friends, and lives outside of their work.”

Beth Bruch
Senior HRBP at ORBIS

Equity. Inclusion. Diversity. It’s more than checking the boxes.

A culture of inclusiveness means we’re focused on the impact that we have on others, and that we see, embrace and value differences of all kinds.

We know that when people are treated equitably, they feel free to contribute and are empowered to be creative and challenge norms. Our equity, inclusion, and diversity initiatives are designed to influence inclusivity and support a diverse work environment. Our commitment to a culture that nurtures and values diversity includes:

  • Diversity, Inclusion and Unconscious Bias training and educational courses
  • Promoting and funding career exploration opportunities for under-represented groups, such as at-risk youth, and girls and women in STEM fields
  • Employee Resource Groups (ERG) to provide support, promote inclusive practices, and enhance a sense of community
  • An Equity, Inclusion and Diversity committee to support ongoing respect and understanding, unique needs and perspectives
  • Developing and sponsoring events that support cultural diversity
  • Employing measurable, data-led mechanisms to track progress

Safety. First and foremost.

Safety has always been a top priority at Menasha Corporation. Every day, our goal is zero accidents and incidents.

We promote a culture that empowers safe behavior, and we invest in practices that continuously improve and strengthen our protocols. Our Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) departments monitor and track safety performance at our facilities using industry-standard OSHA metrics. Each facility has a safety team to ensure compliance with environmental and safety regulations. We are pleased with our continuous progress around safety and extremely proud that our Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) is consistently well below industry averages. We credit our customized, mandatory safety training, hands-on coaching and safety awareness for our progress and our employees’ understanding of safe work practices.

Healthy incentives for employees.


We support our employees in their efforts to be healthy by offering a company-wide wellness program. The program challenges employees to take personal responsibility in managing their health and wellness and includes tools to help them meet that challenge. From onsite health screenings to monetary health incentives to medical health providers accessible through phone calls or video, employees are exposed to multiple wellness options.